Friday, January 23, 2015

Video Blog (Vlog) - 23 January 2015 - Stress Burger

I know I post these things up on YouTube but some of you may not subscribe to my channel yet (you better be subscribed now!).  Just a quick and dirty look at my stress eating habit.  Watch below but don't forget to upgrade the quality to 1080HD!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Morning With A Python

Sheesh!  I haven't posted in three weeks!!!  I wonder what is going on with me that I haven't been Snakespired to write in my blog??  I don't know but it is unacceptable.

First - let me give you two links to my YouTube channel.  The first is a link to all my Snakespiration videos - if you haven't watched these, well, I will just assume you have a good excuse (you better).  Snakespiration is a random video series in which I pick a topic about snakes and talk about it for 5-8 minutes.  Short and sweet so go WATCH!  SNAKESPIRATION!

The second link is to The Snake Show - A Lunch and Learn Adventure.  The Snake Show is recorded "live" and I hope to start having guests on it soon to talk about conservation efforts and of course, SNAKES!  Each episode is 30 minutes long but I may have to extend these to an hour once guests start joining me.  I am just two episodes into the adventure but it has already been a huge success for me. THE SNAKE SHOW!

Admiral Ackbar watches The Snake Show
Okay - now that I am done plugging my YouTube channel (SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!), it is time to get into the meat of this blog post.

A Morning With A Python

If you follow me anywhere (here, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, etc.), you already know that snakes are a huge part of my life.  I have a passion for these amazing animals that defines my life.  I love talking about snakes and listening to your snake stories (and rolling my eyes secretly).  I love looking for snakes and find myself happiest when I am in the woods by myself looking for snakes.  It may sound strange but it is who I am.  Give me 5-8 minutes of your time and I will bet I can Snakespire you too.

Screen capture from The Snake Show
This past weekend I did a special episode of The Snake Show since I had been travelling for work on Tuesday.  I chose a ball python to hang out and be a guest on the show but we didn't stop there.  The little python then hung out with my family for the rest of the morning enjoying the company of humans and dogs alike.   Here is a series of photos from the morning:

Chilling with my niece by the fire

Chilling at the table having a conversation with my sister-in-law

Participating in vacation planning with my brother and wife

Chilling with the Big Dog

Enjoying the sun on the windowsill

I am tired - I think I will rest behind this photo for a while
So why write a blog post about a morning with a python?  I don't know - it just felt right.  Snakes are so integral to my life and happiness that I thought I would share these photos to let you see the real me.  BAM!  There it is - that is what this post is about - sharing a little bit more of who I really am.

As I grow the Center for Snake Conservation, I am learning that it is important for me (even if you could care less) to give you a backstage pass into my life.  I want to connect with each one of you personally so that I can have an opportunity to share my passion with you.  I strongly believe that it is through personal relationships that we can create partnerships that will affect change in human perceptions about snakes.  I want you to see how emotionally involved I am with snakes.  I want you to see a snake and think about me and the Center for Snake Conservation.  Sure, I can post photos and facts on Facebook for the rest of my life but does that really affect change?  I have been dong that for 4 years now and I know it is not as effective as it could be.  Seeing the photos I post on Facebook does create noise but it doesn't create change in a person's feelings about snakes.  You seeing me for who I am, seeing me interacting with snakes, after which you decide if you like me or not, and then following me - that affects change because now you are personally involved.  Gotcha!  

Seriously though - when we love/like something, we are more likely to invest in our personal time into it.

There is HUGE risk in this approach though.  Before you read anymore, close your eyes and think of a person that likes snakes - think about the stereotype.  Yep - I know what you are thinking which is why I HAVE to put myself out there.  I am not that stereotype and snakes deserve better than that!

But still, what if you don't like me?  What if you think I drink too much?  What if you think I cuss too much?  What if you think I like my legs too much (read this blog post for an example - Legs)?  These are all risks that I am willing to take.  

Snakes + Beer + Dogs + a few other things = ME
I want you to know who I really am.  Simply put - I am crazy about snakes.  Talking about snakes makes me happy.  I am not in this to make money (although it would be nice to have sponsors so I can do this full time).  I am passionate about snakes even with my flaws and it is my passion I believe I can share with you.  I excel at bringing snakes to groups and Snakespiring people.  This is my calling in life.  Snakes are not very high on most people's list of favorite animals but I know that this can change if I just put myself out there.  

I am going to give my passion everything I have - are you willing to give me a chance (5-8 minutes) to change your perception about snakes?