Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lunchtime Walk - It Really Is The Little Things

If I don't bring my running gear to work, I stress out about sitting at my desk all day - this just isn't any good for you.  Somedays I can convince myself to get out and go for a walk.  Today was one of those walking days.

During today's lunchtime walk, I did a lot of thinking.  A shitload of thinking actually.  My thinking (yes folks, Cameron can think sometimes) brought me to the realization that I really haven't been doing what I said I would be doing during my 40th year on this planet.  This year is supposed to be about me - ME!  Well, I stopped thinking about me and have been down a few paths that I had no business going down.  My walk today focused me - it focused me on me.  It focused me on the little things.

The little things really make life on earth amazing.  Think about it.  When you see a bird singing in a tree - AMAZING!  When you watch a father and son taking a walk together - INCREDIBLE.  When you witness a young woman having her photo taken at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platter River - INSPIRING.  The world is full of these little things. 

I have not been paying much attention at all to the little thing lately.  Work is insane, I have been depressed about my snake work, resentful of the gifts I have, and even more crazy at home - literally, I have not been following what I said I would follow during my 40th year on this planet.  

Today's walk got me thinking.  Yes, I will say it again - Cameron is capable of thinking.  As I was thinking, the little things I saw caught my attention.  I saw the rail bridge and HAD to stop to take a picture.  This bridge has been passed by me on almost every walk or run from work but today it just grabbed me and said, "Cameron, it is really the little things that matter in life".

Old Rail Bridge Crossing Cherry Creek
Same with the American widgeon.  I see ducks every day - Shit, I live in Colorado - ducks are everywhere.  That said, unless I am hunting, I have never really look at them.  The widgeon somehow willed me to stop walking, pulled me to the edge of the South Platte River, and posed for a short video.  It really is the little things.

Same with the trail sign - I have seen this sign every time I run or walk by it but I have NEVER stopped.  The sign grabbed me and said, "Look at me".  I did and then I took a photo.  It really is the little things.

My Weekday Trail System

My only conclusion from today's walk is that the Universe has spoken to me.  The Universe saw me straying from my 40th year plan and gave me a gentle kick back towards what matters in life - appreciating the little things and accepting the gifts that we are given EVERY second of our lives.  I am just glad the Universe didn't decide to hit me with a truck to remind me of this.  All it took was a bridge, a duck, and a sign.

I am going to ask you for something now.  I am going to ask you to stop reading my blog right now and look around you.  Please count 20 little things (yes - 20 things!) that you appreciate.  I will do this first as an example:

20 things around me right now that I appreciate

  1. The wonderful dinner we just ate - no leftovers!
  2. The noise coming from the living room (the oldest is teaching the middle one how to play the guitar)
  3. The youngest clicking his tongue because he is happy
  4. Chewbacca (the mean cat) begging for food
  5. The big dog running around the house checking on everyone
  6. The chirping from the new chicks we just got
  7. The paper snowflakes covering the windows in the kitchen
  8. The basil plant surviving the winter
  9. There are still 2 boxes of Life cereal in the pantry (growing boys eat a box a day)
  10. The rainbow lomb bracelet my youngest made for me at school that I am wearing right now
  11. The little dog laying his chin on my thigh just to check in
  12. The complete mess of pens, pencils, markers, and crayons I can see in the dining room
  13. The pile of homework with good grades on the counter from all the boys
  14. The really cute dog salt and pepper shakers on the table
  15. The ice maker dumping ice into the bin so my next vodka tonic will be cold and delicious
  16. The old dog making that annoying noise again - he really just wants to be near me
  17. The butterfly on a stick that reminds our whole family of Grandma Tease
  18. The photos of family and friends on the refrigerator
  19. The empty box of instant oatmeal packets left over from breakfast - we have boys that eat two packs a day
  20. The dishwasher because I hate doing dishes
It may seem hard but it really isn't.  Everyday, we take the gifts given to us for granted.  It is time to slow down and appreciate them.  This is the lesson the Universe wants me to learn and I will try to listen.  Just making the list above while sitting at the kitchen table has put a smile on my face.  It was that simple.

It Really Is The Little Things - Appreciate What You Have

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