Monday, August 18, 2014

The Big Dog and the Stars

It is funny how the Universe works sometimes. It was incredibly difficult getting out of bed this morning. This was probably because I stayed up past 1:00am watching a new series on Amazon Prime (Netflix for Amazon). But it was also partly my dislike and anxiety associated with my current paying job. 

Well, I finally got up after fighting anxiety and sleep for 45 minutes and took a shower.  The trouble is that I ended up back in bed after my shower.  After another 30 minutes of anxiety ridden sleep, I got up for good and the big dog got up with me. She normally sleeps through my mornings knowing that my routine does not include any playtime.  Since I didn't want her waking up the house, I tried to send her back upstairs to sleep more but she wasn't having it.  She wanted to play.

The Big Dog giving me a funny look to try and get me to wrestle.
I didn't play with the Big Dog but looking back, I should have taken a few seconds to get her riled up to wrestle.  If you haven't played with a riled up Great Dane, you are missing out.  Here is a video of a good boxing match we had last year.  She won that fight with a mean left hook to my eye which was black for a week.


On my bus ride into to work, I decided to check my horoscope.  

Today's Horoscope
WHAM!  Once again the stars made sense.  Right out of the gate, I had encountered crazy energy with the Big Dog.  Bailey wanted to play but I left her hanging.  I didn't play with her.  She was trying to tell me that I needed to let go of my bad night and inability to get out of bed.  She wanted me to join her "wild and mystical energy".  After I read my stars, my whole mindset changed for the day.  I am going to rise to the challenges I face today with a wild, mystical energy.  I am going to take what Bailey gave me this morning and turn my day into something incredible.

I hope that by sharing this with you, you can find your own power to harness.  I want us all to be inspired and open to the influence of the Universe's positive energy.

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  1. Haha ....... I loved this!! Dogs have a great knack of knowing what you need and should do don't they :o) Thanks for sharing, it made us smile to see "normal" again x