Monday, November 23, 2015

Mini Me

I haven't been writing and this is probably not a good thing for me.  My moods swing up and down and all over the place and writing helps center me.  I also haven't been making any videos lately.  The only thing I have been doing for the last year or so is posting on my Instagram.  The questions all start with why?  Why haven't I been writing?  Why haven't I been using my creative side with videos to put a smile on my face?  Why have I been afraid to post my thoughts and experiences?
I don't really know why I have avoided writing actually.  Well, that isn't entirely true but I will save that blog for another day (it has to do with a huge fear of mine as being a creative fraud).  The point is that I SHOULD be writing and I should be writing daily even if I don't post a blog daily.  No reason not too really and the only reason I haven't been is that I am keeping myself back.  Enough about my fears - I am going to use the rest of this year to see what happens when I write again.
I had a mad and proud daddy moment today.  Let's start with the negative, mad daddy.  I was at work and received a text from my middle son telling me to "Give me the iPad back now".  Well, I didn't have the iPad so I was a bit confused.  Then I see the messages above this one and they are from my youngest texting a photo of himself to his brother from my iPad.  I then saw that there were similar texts to his oldest brother and his mother.  Talk about a pissed off daddy but this quickly changed to a chuckle and big smile.  The photo my youngest was sharing was almost identical to a photo that I have used as my profile photo for many months this past year. 
Proud daddy - my youngest is a snake fanatic.  He has a passion growing inside of him for snakes that rivals my passion.  He already knows more about snakes than most biologists I know.  This doesn't include the herpetologists I know but it does include a lot of the people that I know call themselves biologists.  He turns 8 next month.
Here is my version of Ashton's selfie:

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