Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 1 - DIA to LAX

Wow - what a day!  The day started with goodbyes as I dropped the youngest off at his foster house and watched the older two head to school on their own.  Goodbyes were easy although my oldest did tell me not to die.  He qualified this by telling me not to pick up any snakes and I responded that I will only catch the ones I can positively identify.  I don't handle venomous snakes anymore so shouldn't have any close calls to report on this trip. That reminds me that I need to pick up some cheap safety glasses just in case I run across a spitting cobra.  I had lots of chores to do before I could head to the airport including getting the oil changed in the car so my sister-in-law doesn't have anything to worry about when she picks up our car at the airport Friday on her way to watch the boys next week.  She was gracious enough to abandon her family over thanksgiving and fly to Denver from Atlanta to watch the boys so that Heather and I can have a kid free vacation. I don't always appreciate family but I most certainly do right now as I sit waiting for my flight to start my trip.

Run Streak Day 16
In addition to my chores, I kept my run streak alive with a short 2 mile jog.  I really wasn't in the mood to run but I am glad I did because it made the decision to have a beer at the airport easier.  I also actually worked today when I joined a conference call about how pipeline construction may affect reptiles and amphibians and in particular, hoe blasting may affect snakes.  Immediately after that call, I headed to the airport!

Security was a breeze partly because they were running a bomb dog before the luggage screening part.  We got to leave our shoes on, laptops and liquids in our bags, and there really weren't that many people in line. That meant I had time for a beer and to start this blog post.  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘

Post flight - what a shitty flight!  Why are planes so freaking hot?  Oh yeah, we cram several hundred heat generating human bodies into a metal tube. We also had a flight attendant that used a confrontational tone with everyone trying to find space for their carry on. I would have thought that her training would include ways to say, "don't open any overhead bin if it is already closed" in a polite manner. Not this woman - she was militant about it.

Los Angeles International Airport is a freaking disaster. I can't explain why but it really is confusing to me. I didn't mind the long walks between terminals but there are no Departure Boards so finding my gate for my next flight wasn't very fun. I did walk 5000 steps though for those that count steps.

Ghost Selfie

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