Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I quit my job - now what?

Here is my formal announcement to the world - On January 3rd, 2017, I quit my job as an environmental consultant and I will never work on that side of the fence again.  I hated my job in all aspects.  I didn't like the company I worked for.  I didn't like the the people that had been made in charge of me after my good friend and supervisor quit because of the company that bought us.  I didn't like that I worked for the oil and gas industry that continues to abuse the system to make a few people rich.  I didn't like my commute after they moved us into the new office after the buyout.  I didn't like my workspace (I didn't even have a cubicle).  Let's just say, my job was about the most negative thing in my life and I finally made the change to cut it out.

Now what?

Now I can focus on healing.  Healing myself.  Healing my mind.  Healing my unhealthy body.  Healing my relationships.

Now I can focus on snakes and their conservation.  I can finally network without the fear of being caught and reprimanded by my employer (this did happen to me by the new company that bought the old one).  I can finally be the Executive Director of the Center for Snake Conservation!

Now I can be happy.  This past week has been eye-opening about how much stress and anxiety my job caused me.  I am free.  I haven't gotten into a good routine yet (meditation, workout, clean a little, make a snake video, etc.) but I am free.  My entire outlook has changed.  I am not penned down by something I do NOT believe in.

My only regret is not quitting my job 2 years ago when it was clear that negative changes where coming before I got to this point of no return.  However, this is all water under the bridge now, I am free...

Cardamom Mountains Green Pit Viper "free and foraging in the wild"

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  1. Congratulations...Smart and scary but if your life was spiraling out of control you made best decision.