Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Is My Second Favorite F Word

So - today is Friday, 30 May 2014.  I am going to write for a while and see where it leads me.  If I can just let this blog post flow, maybe some random inspiration, strange realization, or amazing tidbit of crap will exit my mind through my fingers. 

I didn't listen to any amazing or insightful songs this morning on my bus ride into work.  I choose the Led Zeppelin iTunes radio channel which always has some great classic rock songs.  There were two songs that tried to speak to me but then the lyrics just drifted away from my current state of mind.  Some days just aren't musically inspired but I did at least enjoy the tunes that helped pass the time.

The Songs That Tried To Speak To Me

There are lots of things buzzing in my mind right now (thank the gods I am ADD):
  • Work 
  • Heading to Cheyenne for my nephew's high school graduation  
  • Soccer tryouts and team assignments for my older boys  
  • Becoming a coach (head or assistant) for my oldest son's team to help mitigate the trouble the current coach has with the team  
  • Roasting a whole pig with my brother tonight  
  • Snakes - always snakes 
  • Challenges - I need to get fit
  • Sex - always on my mind
  • Travel - I have 3 work trips in the next two weeks (Just sent calendar invites to Heather - I wonder if she will accept me being gone so much)  
  • Cleaning my office (never happening)
  • Checking in on my FitBit friends
  • Sending the Monkey a FitBit taunt
  • Water my office plants
  • Changing my participation level in the family finances
  • More snakes - can I find anything in Wyoming this weekend?
  • This blog post
Okay I am done for now but I would bet I could make a list 100 things long.

A Carpet Python eating a rat - my mind bounced to snakes.
What does someone with ADD do about the crap bouncing in their brain all day long?  If you are me, absolutely nothing.  This is a huge part of my problem right now - I BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF MYSELF FOR NOT GETTING ANYTHING DONE.  I just don't do anything - I just bounce around form topic to topic without stopping to focus on something long enough to finish it.  Well - sometimes I can focus but it has to be on something that really catches my attention (sex, snakes, blog posts).  This is a classic ADD example for adults.  When my interest is caught, I go into a super hyper-focus mode and can't be distracted by much.  Right now my focus is on this blog post and I hope it stays there until I finish it.  I have a shit load of unfinished posts sitting around labeled "draft" which will likely never be completed.

I am not sure if I have shared this video with you.  If I did, well fuck, you can watch it again.

I absolutely love bullsnakes.  They act all mean-n-shit but in reality, they are total wimps.  Even the really big ones panic and bolt away after their bluff fails.  The reality is that their bluffing behavior gets them killed because humans view this as aggression.  By definition, snakes are not aggressive towards humans or anything else for that matter.  I wish people would actually take the time to watch the snake instead of fearing the snake.  Making videos like the one above to show people the real personality of these amazing snakes has become a priority for me.

Someone posted a picture of a t-shirt on Google+ this morning that said, "Friday, My Second Favorite F Word".  I couldn't agree more so I made my own version of the saying.  My favorite word is used often in the field when a snake decides it has taken exception with the way I am handling it.

Fuck - am I really posting a photo that may generate fear in people?  A snake bite, YIKES!  Yes, this can be a little creepy or scary to some people but take a close look at this photo.  All it really shows is a large gartersnake biting my hand.  Big fucking deal.  I am not in pain and I am not going to die.  In reality, I am just getting a kiss from a snake that I should be holding more gently.  After this photo was taken, this gorgeous girl, stopped kissing me, calmed down, and allowed my boys to hold her with no incident.  Friday really is my second favorite F word.

Distraction Alert (wow, that sounds geeky).  I just started watching Fail videos on YouTube.  If you haven't watch these before, I suggest you do.  They are very entertaining but also very addicting.  I could spend hours watching these videos.  Fail videos show people trying something but failing miserably.  I know I should not enjoy watching someone else's misfortune but then again they are the ones recording themselves doing stupid shit.  Here is a Fail video that I just watched - I think you will agree it is wrong to like watching these videos but for some reason you cannot take your eyes off of it.  All I can think is "Fuck, that had to hurt".

Alright that is enough writing for now - nothing insightful really came up.  This blog really is all over the fucking place.  I can't find any rhyme or reason in it.  I may have to try again tonight.  Until then, remember Friday is my second favorite F word.

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