Monday, January 4, 2016

Surprise Me With Snakes

I haven't talked about it much but I lost over 50 snakes in January and February 2014.  I still don't know what killed them but I am assuming a virus or bacteria got into my snake room and wiped them all out.  Only 1 snake survived and this snake is very special to me.  He is a rosy boa given to me by a friend over ten years ago.  I am not here to cry about my snakes dying - that will be another post.  I just wanted to say that the loss of these snakes devastated me and I am finally recovering.
Rosy boa that survived the snake room devastation
For the last year, I have been cautiously, and slowly rebuilding my live snake teaching collection and very carefully watching for dying snakes.  So far so good other than an entire batch of sick snakes I received from a dealer last year - they all died and some of them were quite expensive.  I am happy to say that my other new snakes are thriving!!!
This brings me to this post, "Surprise Me With Snakes".  I want you to send me snakes in the mail.  Well, not through the USPS but FedEx.  Snakes are expensive and I am cashless right now.  Ringed pythons are on the top of my wish list right now as well as Savu pythons and African house snakes.  Here is how to order and have these snakes shipped to the Center for Snake Conservation:

  1. Go to Big Apple Pet Supplies (
  2. Click "Live Animal Super Specials"
  3. Click "Ringed Python"
  4. Add one snake to cart (two if you really like me)
  5. Check out
  6. Ship to Cameron Young, Center for Snake Conservation, 1581 Ridgeview Drive, Louisville, CO 80027 (Phone: 720-245-1922 and email
That is it!  THANKS!
P.S.  Please note that this post is a complete joke - I don't and have never expected anyone to buy snakes for me.  However, why not post a wish list and see what happens?  You never know...
P.S.S. I also want/need this video camera (AX-100) to get back into the snake video making.  I have some really fun and educational ideas floating in my head.  I just need a new camera to make them happen.  :)

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