Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snake Season

I woke up this morning happy.  This hasn’t happened in a long time and I am quite excited about it.  This morning’s happiness has led me to rethink my current situation.  I have been allowing the negative and nasty work environment I visit every day dominate my thoughts lately and if any of you believe in the power of attraction like I do, you know that this is a major problem for finding happiness.  I have been subconsciously attracting the negative and other shit into my life and this has got to stop.  This morning was quite eye opening and I am resolved to keep this happiness going to attract more happiness in the coming weeks.  Spring is almost here and that means SNAKE SEASON!  I need to be happy for Snake Season.
What is Snake Season?  Well – it depends on where you live but it really depends on what snakes you have in your area and if they are active or not.  For example, I was recently in Louisiana and despite cold and rainy weather; I knew I could find a watersnake out basking.  I just had to look hard enough.  In some places such as in southern Florida, southern California, or south Texas, you can find a snake on any day of the year so Snake Season never really ends.  In northern states, it can be short.  Here in Colorado, Snake Season runs from about the second week of March until mid-October.
Broad-banded Watersnake found February 2, 2016 near Gulfport, Louisiana
Regardless of when Snake Season starts, I need to be happy for it so I am super pumped I woke up smiling this morning.  It might be the gorgeous weather we are having this week.  It might be that soccer has started for my boys.  It might be that I am no longer caring about work and looking for options to get out of here as soon as possible.  There are so many reasons to be happy if you just look for one.  It is all about the power of attraction and making sure your energy is tuned towards the positive so that happiness just finds you – even in the middle of the night.
Here is a short video of my first snake in 2016 just because it makes me happy!

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