Thursday, March 31, 2016

Now Will You Believe Me?

A new video came out from  the Advocates for Snake Preservation about rattlesnake round-ups that I want to share with you.  It features the rampant human ignorance about these amazing creatures.  Our media has always portrayed rattlesnakes as deadly, dangerous, and malicious beasts lying in wait to kill you, your family, your horse, and your dog.  This is so far from the truth. 
I know you all aren't fans of snakes like I am but I want you to think about one question as you watch the video:  If rattlesnakes are truly dangerous, would these men stand in a pit filled with that many snakes.  No - they are profiting on human fear, ignorance, and evil.  Why would anyone celebrate the killing of an animal with the bloody handprints of children? 

Here is the video and I suggest you watch it more than once.  It takes that to understand the ignorance of the humans hosting and attending events like these.
It is my wish to take everyone that reads this blog into the field with me so that you may experience rattlesnakes as I do in the wild.  They are incredibly beautiful animals that deserve our respect and appreciation.  I need to write another blog dedicated to their conservation but that will have to happen on a day that isn't so charged with emotion. 
I do need to end with a Rattlesnake Selfie that I took with my youngest last summer.  It shows that rattlesnakes are not attacking, deadly, dangerous, or malicious.  They are a integral and CRITICAL part of our healthy ecosystems.  Let's spread the word and keep them here.

Rattlesnake Selfie

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