Friday, October 31, 2014

I Hate Halloween

I hate Halloween pumpkins 2014
I hate Halloween!  Yes, I really do!  I can hear you now judging me and saying, "No.  You don't hate Halloween.  It is such a fun holiday and is the day before your birthday.".

EXACTLY!  It is the day before my birthday and therefore I have shared my birthday with Halloween 39 (make it 40 tomorrow) years in a row.

What is a birthday?  The celebration of a birth.

What is your birthday?  The celebration of your birth.

What is my birthday?  The aftermath of Halloween.  Candy.  Spooky stories and decorations being taken down.  How is that any fun for anyone?

Grow up Cameron - enjoy your birthday and Halloween.

Carpet python and mask
Why should I do that?  Do you share your birthday with a holiday?  Do you know how that feels?  I feel horrible for anyone that shares their birthday with Christmas.  Can you imagine how it must feel when everyone is celebrating and getting presents but it isn't their birthday?  I can't but I am guessing it is HORRIBLE.  

Now that my boys are older, I am working VERY hard to swallow some of my distaste for Halloween.  Heather (June birthday) is an amazing partner to have because she has always loved holidays so she makes sure the boys celebrate adequately (excessively).  She decorates the house as I mumble how much I hate Halloween.  She makes sure the boys have costumes as I wallow in my own shit.  She makes trick-or-treating plans as I find another beer.

I surprised everyone this year though.  What?  Did you think this was another "poor Cameron blog"?  Hell no!  I am learning to be happy.  I am doing exactly what I should have been doing for 40 years.

Yes.  I turn fucking 40 tomorrow.  Yes. I still share my birthday with Halloween (not exactly but still).  Yes. I still don't like holidays.  BUT....

I had a blast carving pumpkins last night.  I had fun making the short "Happy Halloween" video above.  I have enough video to make a REALLY cool memory for my boys (and Heather/me) of the carving session.  I had a blast dressing up as Shrek and connecting with my Fiona at the Halloween party last weekend.  In short, I am making this Halloween fun for myself.  :)

Shrek and Fiona
I am determined to not let a stupid commercial holiday ruin my mood anymore and especially not let it ruin my birthday.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post because I know how you were not looking forward to turning 40. It's great to see a change in thinking and I'm glad you recognize and appreciate that your partner provides you with balance. I also share a birthday with a holiday, St Patricks day. So I think for you maybe it could actually be could share it with St Patrick. Lol! Happy Birthday