Thursday, November 6, 2014


Snakespiration – A Daily Video Blog with Me

What is Snakespiration?

Snakespiration is my personal daily challenge to inspire as many people as possible to really think about snakes, their natural history, and how they benefit a healthy ecosystem.  I am going to shoot for 30 days with this challenge but will gladly keep going as long as YOU keep asking questions.  I can always talk about snakes but I want to know what you want to know.

How will this work?  I will draw a question or activity out of a hat and have 24 hours to think about how I want to answer the question.  I will answer your questions unscripted and unedited.  You may see things that make you laugh, cry, angry, sad, or happy.  If you feel an emotion, I know I have succeeded to Snakespire you.  So send in your questions either through comments (YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook), tweets, or email (contact information will be at the end). 

My goal is to inspire you to think, talk, and appreciate snakes so my responses will not just be boring old facts regurgitated to you but instead be based on interactions with LIVE snakes. 

I will use a GoPro to film all episodes so everything will be in High Definition video.  I am hoping that the GoPro will give us a unique and interesting perspective that is interesting and engaging.  The plan to try to keep each episode under 10 minutes (ideal range is 3-6 minutes long) but you never know because once I start talking about snakes, it is hard to get me to stop.  If you have a question that pops up that I do not answer in the time allotted, send me a note and I will try to answer it in the next episode.

Okay – let’s make this happen.  Time for some Snakespiration!

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