Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stuck? NEVER!!!!!

I have been stuck lately.  Really, really stuck.  Maybe it was the cold I have finally just beaten?  Maybe it was the full moon this week?  Maybe it was the social overload of meet-ups and meetings I have been going to?  Maybe it was just my time of the month?  Whatever it was, I was stuck.

This blog post is an attempt to bust through the resistance and nasty goo that has me pinned to the floor.  Part of my success and progress in the last 18 months is that I no longer let myself wallow in my negative shit and crappy places.  I have found myself constantly looking for the bright spots that surround all of us if we just look for them.

The sunrise this morning is a great example of one of those bright spots if you just look for them.  I posted two photos of it on Instagram while still on the bus as I headed into Denver to work as a biostitute (interesting job title - maybe I should write about that).  This first photo was obligatory as I needed to purge the crappy night's sleep and look towards the bright sunrise.

[Actually my sleep wasn't so bad last night - I just didn't get enough of it.  I am currently reading George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones 5-Book Boxed Set so let's just say I am binge reading and forget to sleep.]

Looking East from I-25
This second photo was a surprise for me and made me wish I wasn't in a moving bus with very dirty windows.  I could have used a tripod and real camera to capture the beauty of Denver (yes - I just said a human ant farm was pretty), the sun, and the unique cloud formation wisping to the west from the tops of the buildings.  It is almost as if the sun itself is forcefully pushing the clouds away from Denver and me.

Looking South at Denver from I-25
Needless to say, I need to look for more moments like these to push me past my resistance.  They are there - just look for them Cameron.

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