Thursday, February 5, 2015

Random Video Post

For those readers that do not subscribe to my YouTube channel, here are some recent videos that you have been missing.  Oddly enough, these videos are not snake related.  Make sure you watch them at 1080HD for the best experience.

The first video is from a short nature walk I took with my boys a few weeks ago.  They were determined to make the most of a snakeless day so they picked up some sticks and began a sword fight.  The younger two ended up picking on the oldest but that is okay since he normally dominates their physical contests.  Although not seen in this short video, I did have to end the sword play when my oldest grabbed a 10' long tree as his blade of choice.

The second video is just 4 seconds of my girls trying to navigate the snow in our backyard.  I wish I had more video of this but I saw the opportunity a few seconds too late.  However, I was able to capture a little of their antics as they try to run/fly over the snow.

The last video is from last night when I spent some time in the backyard with the big dog.  This beauty LOVES the snow and running through it.  Just enjoy the video and be sure to watch for the BIG smile on the big dog's face.

That is it for now - if you don't want to miss any more videos like these or any of my SNAKE videos, please remember to subscribe to my channel.

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