Monday, February 23, 2015

I Need A Recharge

I just spent 4 days traveling and attending a conference in Louisiana but now I can feel myself shutting down.  I just want to hide.  I was socially overloaded but then had to dive right back into work.  I just want to crawl into bed and sleep.  I want to slither under a big rock and wait a few days for the weather to change.  I really don't want to be working or talking to anyone.

Landing in New Orleans
Do you think it would be rude for me to shut my door and hide all day?

Okay - how to fix this?  Focus on the positives and give myself positive self talk.  Easier said than done but I have to do this.  I am going to close my door and listen to one of my guided meditation apps for a few minutes to hopefully recharge my brain. 

What I really need is some OUTDOOR MEDITATION TIME aka a SNAKE HIKE.  I got to go on a Snake Hike while in Louisiana and it helped get me through the weekend.  Here is the snake I found while hiking:

First Snake of 2015 - Speckled Kingsnake
Since I can't go on a Snake Hike (the weather outside is frightful!), I am going to think about snakes after I meditate.  I am going to think about how I can move forward with making snakes my only job.  I learned this past weekend that the Center for Snake Conservation brand is really positive in the herp world.  Lots of people told me they loved what I am doing.  The brand is a good one - time to GROW beyond being an amateur and become the professional I know that I am.

Snow covered roads in Denver with lots more snow coming this week.

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