Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pokemon Go Therapy

Have you ever been somewhere that is completely counter to your personality?  I find myself in a place like that every day – the tiny and shitty workspace that my employer gives me.  Actually, I have to sign it out like a library book so I really don’t have a true workspace to myself.  Anyone at any time can sign it out ahead of me and I would have to find another place to sit.  Fortunately, my desk mess and lack of organization keeps that from happening.  The most interesting thing about my workspace is my view of the Grand Hyatt next door.  I have seen some things that I wish I could unsee but those are stories that do not belong in my blog (adult fetish video film making – send me an email if you want the pictures).  So, every day I spend 8 hours sitting in a place that is completely counter to me and it is really wearing me out.
My workspace with the hotel next door
I used to just sit and mope.  Now I get up and leave the office, walk around the block, catch a few Pokémon, and visit the 7-Eleven for some snacks.  This is helping.  In fact, I have been hitting my daily step goal of 15,000 steps more often than not these days. 
Do you play Pokémon Go?  It is a worthless game that I have become addicted to playing.  I am a true addict.  I find myself checking my phone constantly to see if there are new Pokémon spawning nearby. However, there is a huge benefit to being an addict to this silly game – I walk a lot more and a lot farther.  I am getting my steps.  I am up and out of my seat walking around.  It has become my buffer from that shitty workspace I have to inhabit for 8 hours every day.  That and the hotel next door.

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