Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Oldest, The Middle, The Youngest

Since the title of this blog is Running With Snakes, I guess I should write a post about running or snakes.  If you meet me in person, I can just ramble on about both but when (especially lately) I sit down to write about them, I go blank.  Writer’s block hits and stays regardless of how long I sit in front of a computer.  I guess that is why the last two posts haven’t been that interesting and have just been me whining.  I need to whine a little before I find my inspiration.  I should also look to my boys for inspiration.  All three of them are excelling in their chosen paths right now so I guess I will start there and see how where snakes and running can fit in.

The Oldest
He is 14 and as I wrote in an earlier post, he has started lifting weights to meet school benchmarks for P.E. class.  This kid is smart too.  School comes easy to him and we never have to worry about him or his homework.  It just gets done.  No nagging, no bribing, no checking in.  This kid is driven to be successful without the constant prodding of his parents. 

The oldest

The Middle

This one will do anything and everything.  He has a passion for everything athletic and has started riding his bike and skateboard with the intent to get good at them.  In the short time he has been riding hard, he has come a long way.  This past weekend I took him to the Valmont Bike Park and he had a blast.  He just recently bought a cheap BMX bike to see if he really likes it – he already is making plans to upgrade and his bike is less than two weeks old.  He is advancing so fast on the bike and I am very impressed. 

The Middle
The Youngest

This kid is the snake kid.  He has a passion for all life and especially snakes.  The other day when we got home from school, he found a small jumping spider on the driveway and immediately scolded me for almost hitting it.  I could barely see it when looking for it outside of the car – no way I would have seen it while driving.  The little man gently scooped up the spider into his hands and relocated it to the garden so I wouldn’t hit it next time. 

The Youngest
These are my boys and they are all inspirational.  I sometimes lose this perspective but when I stop and look at them, they all make me proud.  They each are so different and each are very successful in what they are pursuing in life.  They are also so young and have a great future ahead of them.  I am going to start vlogging again so go subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss a beat.  J

I wasn’t able to fit running or snakes into this blog post but I promise I am getting warmer to it and the posts will start to flow again.  For now – enjoy this vlog from today.

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