Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back of the Seat

Have you ever thought much about the back of the seat?  I haven't but today my ADD mind wandered to the back of the seat in front of me. 

I watched shadows play across it. 
I noticed the material was stiff and rough. 
I saw that it wasn't quite fit properly. 
I noticed its rigid shape. 
I saw some loose fragments. 
The dark gray color was from a mixture black and lighter gray threads. 

Now to life - if we can notice things about the back of a chair, we can surely notice the other things that matter in our lives.

Notice the sunrise. 
Notice the coffee made by a coworker. 
Notice the good morning from the stranger holding the elevator for you. 
Notice your lunch

Notice everything and then STOP!  Stop and say thank you. Thank you for your ability to see, have, give, and love. Be grateful for all you have and what others give you. 

It is amazing what you can learn from the back of a chair. 


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