Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Did It Again

Yes - I did it again.  Well, what did I do?

Lost Springs, Wyoming - Population 1
I got lost on this journey to find myself.  I realized this morning that I have not been true to myself.  I have been following a path that was not my own.  It was a path with lots of distractions, compromises, and concessions.  I cannot believe I was doing this to myself again.  This blog had become censored so much that I have completely lost my creativity and desire to write. 

Time to get off this path others have created and bushwhack to where I need to go.  When in the field, I pride myself on my sense of direction and my ability to go places where others do not and cannot go.  I rarely follow a trail and when I do, I am always looking from side to side for something interesting that can pull me away.  One of my favorite things to do when in the field is to take someone who is not a field person (or has a lousy sense of direction) and lead them far off the path.  I then make some innocent comment about disappearing and wondering if my companion can find their way back.  This creates a look of panic and my companion typically follows more closely.  I would never leave anyone in the woods but I do sneak away just to see what their reaction is.  This is where I need to go now in my life and with this blog - I need to leave the trail, get away from those with me so I can find myself, and then come back to those still on their own paths when I am ready. 

Time to find myself (SNAKE!) on a path all of my own.

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