Friday, April 4, 2014

Dinner at High Speed

Yesterday I was on a mission - a mission to find out how long the battery in my GoPro Hero 3 would last.  Turns out it lasts almost 1.5 hours of continuous recording.  Not too bad considering the high quality of the film.  During my test of the battery life, I filmed myself making and serving dinner.  This was after filming a spirited basketball game with all the boys (video coming soon) so I only had about 45 minutes left of record time. 

In the video below, I play all 45 minutes at 8X normal speed to condense the video to about 6 minutes.  It is pretty fun to watch.  I suggest watching the video several times with each viewing focused on a different subject.  Interesting subjects are the fat chef, the big bee dog, the little dog, and the yellow old dog.  Once the boys join me for dinner, they are all a blast to watch.

Enjoy! (oh yeah, I suggest watching it in HD if you can - look for the HD button in the bottom right hand corner.  If it is filled in, you are watching in HD.  If not filled in, click it.)

Dinner at High Speed

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