Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Musing and First Light - 30 September 2014

Yesterday was a long, dreary day.  The sun never really broke clear of the clouds and then it rained all afternoon and evening.  I didn't mind.  I actually wanted to be OUTSIDE in it all day but was stuck at the paying job.  So what did I do to survive the work day?  I goofed around with my GoPro.

My Office Duck operating my GoPro in my office window.
I learned that my work computer cannot play videos recorded at a resolution higher than 1080.  My personal Macbook can but not the Lenovo ThinkPad that my paying job gives me.  The PC will play the audio but not the video.  The video below was recorded at 4K 17:9 cinematic resolution but you can only view it at the resolution of your screen, monitor, or device.  The technology of a GoPro exceeds our viewing capabilities.  What a farse!

I did get outside after putting in my time at the paying job.  I have soccer carpool duty on Mondays so I use that opportunity to get out and run while the boys are playing soccer.  It was raining and boy did I enjoy my run in it.  I even stopped to smell the flowers in the rain.

Wildflowers in the rain
Post run Selfie
My day ended well but today started out amazing!  I was treated to incredible first light as I headed to the RTD bus stop this morning.  Just incredible.  I just wish I had a window seat on the bus ride into Denver so I could have taken photos of the sunrise as well.

First Light - 30 September 2014
In addition, the view from my office as seen from my GoPro today is a good one.  The blue sky makes things so much better.  :)  Have an incredible day!

GoPro Wide Angle Still Photo


  1. Ah gah lets not get me started on tablets, mine sucks it's so limited compared to laptops and desktops but, I don't regret owning one, although I can't wait to get my own laptop borrowing the bf's just isn't the same as owning my own.

    Beautiful scene shots and the bottom fish eye photo way awesome shot I really like that one. ((Waves to Cameron)) Pleased to meet you! =0) lol

    Awesome vids and cute little orange rubber ducky!

    1. Thanks Marie! Nice to meet you as well. :) My GoPro is great with taking quality fisheye photos - I just rarely use it for that. I guess I need to more often.

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