Monday, September 15, 2014

You Must Be A Wimp

Yes - I called you a wimp.  Maybe that is not the smartest thing to do considering you are my readers but that is what you are.  Why am I calling you all wimps?  Well - you are not sending me selfies as I challenged you to do last week!  Here is my original challenge: Selfie Challenge.

Okay - why aren't you sending me selfies?  I will guess 5 reasons and five new selfies that will hopefully inspire you to send me your selfie right now:

First - you may not have seen my blog.  I will forgive you for that but you just don't know what you are missing if this is the case.

Drinking the #1 Beer
Second, you may not have read my blog.  In this case, you are not forgiven.

Chilling with a baby bullsnake

There I go again - insulting and alienating potential readers.  Oh well - I think the next few reasons why you haven't sent me a selfie yet are worse.

Third - you read my blog and ignored my challenge.  Yes, you are a wimp.  Just get out your phone right now, take a selfie, and email it to me at

Eating just picked plums with my youngest
Fourth - you read my blog, took a few selfies, but did not send them to me.  You are a total wimp!  What are you afraid of?  Someone might recognize you in the selfie?  Send me that selfie now!

post-run getting the couch sweaty
Fifth - you read my blog and hate selfies.  This is more of a reason to send me a selfie.  You need to do it.  I was asked over the weekend about my own selfies and why I take and publish so many if I hate the way I look in them.  My answer was simple - They make me think about my mood and myself in a positive light.  No one ever wants to look bad in a photo (this is why I avoid cameras - I think I have horribly out of shape and that it really shows on film) so we will take selfie after selfie lifting ourselves up with each photo.  Why is this uplifting?  It just is - TRY IT NOW and send me your selfies to

Collar popped yes I am crazy
I am posting my selfie blog this Wednesday with or without your photo.  I know you want your photo included so just send it to me.  Make it happen right now.  Stop being a wimp!

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