Friday, September 12, 2014

Stop Hating Selfies - Selfie Challenge!

I came across a post on my Google Plus feed that was titled "Why You Should Stop Hating On Selfies" and linked to the American Jokes website.  While the post and website were clearly a knock on women taking erotic or half-naked photos of themselves, it made me pause and think about why I take selfies again.  I came to the conclusion that selfies are a good thing and that we all should be taking and posting them.  

Before I go into my selfies, I have to make my challenge to you - 


I will include all the selfies I receive via email in another blog post next week.  My email address is - yes, that is my real email so I am very serious about this challenge.

Why I like selfies - 

  1. They capture my mood
  2. They give me a visual for my mood
  3. They enhance my mood
  4. They save my mood for eternity
As humans, we are very VISUAL creatures.  We communicate non-verbally over 60% of the time.  Selfies are my way of communicating with myself through pictures.  Think about my list above for a moment - how can capturing my mood be a bad thing?  All those things are positives.

Now there are all sorts of selfies that you can take - here are some of my favorites:

The Office Selfie

The Bus Selfie

The Goofie Selfie

The Snake Hike During My Lunch Break Selfie

The "I Am Drunk Laying In the Flowers" Selfie

The Chicken Selfie
The Snake Selfie

 The Cooking Naked Selfie

The Shower Selfie

The Workout Selfie

The Beer Selfie

The Sleepy Selfie

The Bathroom Selfie - This is the one everyone takes

The Blue Sky Selfie

The Soccer Dad Selfie

The Dog Selfie

The Driving Selfie

The Crossing Guard Selfie

The Foot Selfie

The Pro-Athlete Selfie
The Snake Hike Selfie

The point I guess I am trying to make is that selfies are an absolutely INCREDIBLE way to document your short life on this planet as well as make yourself happy in the process.  There are No reasons not to take selfies.  Even the risque selfies are worth it because they show how you were feeling at the moment you took the picture.  We can never go back and recreate a moment in our past but we can take selfies to help us remember it. 

So, I challenge each of you to take a selfie, add a caption, and send it to me at  I will then collect all your selfies and publish them in another blog post.  Let's have fun!

Let me end with an example from my parents - their first selfie with their first smartphone.  My parents sent me this selfie with the comment not to post it on Facebook - they said nothing about me posting it in my blog though so here it is:

My parents' "Double Selfie" along the Meig's Creek trail


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