Thursday, March 13, 2014

Desk Jobs Suck

I have made a conclusion - Desk Jobs Suck. 
I see myself as an active person but in reality, I am just a slug in the garden.  I barely move each day.  I bought a FitBit about a year ago to help show me how sedate I really am.  A FitBit is a small device that you wear to count the number of steps you take in a day.  It does a great job of tracking activity but unless you set and meet a step goal each day, it is really just a useless device to carry around.  But if you set a goal that is higher than a normal day, you can slowly increase your activity level.  My daily goal is 15,000 steps per day.  
There are 24 steps between my office and the window at the end of the hall.  As a FitBit user this is a very important statistic.  It means that in order to meet my daily goal of 15,000 steps per day I have to walk up and back 312.5 times.  Ouch.  I think I may manage 10 times based on the number of times I need to talk to the folks at the end of the hall.  I wonder if I would pull off 312 times though - I doubt it.  I would have to walk up and back every 1.5 minutes during my 8 hour work day to make it happen.  Desk jobs suck!
The view from my office to the end of the hall
So how do I meet my daily goal of 15,000 steps?  I don't on busy days at work.  I have to go for a long walk or run at lunch to make my goal a reality.  Not many people have the luxury I have of being able to get outside on a daily basis - I am truly blessed but I really want to up my daily goal to 20,000 steps.  Maybe that is something to do this summer. 

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