Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stir It Up Report

So how did I do yesterday with my Stir It Up plans?  Pretty well actually.  Here is a summary of the good times.


  • Good discussions
  • Gorgeous weather for outside dining
  • 1500 calorie lunch

Bird Watching

  • This was a bit disappointing but there were a few birds out. 
    • The "long-legged variety"
    • The "expose everything" variety
    • The "I am hot and will eat you alive" variety

Soccer Dad

  • I got a 6.5 mile run in while operating the carpool both directions - success
  • Got skunked for snakes during run - failure

Big Dog

  • The Big Dog got some good loving but we did not fit her with the GoPro (I can't find it)
  • She fell asleep on her brother's bed with her rabbit

Excellent day!  Time for a repeat but with different adventures.  Keep on stirring it up.

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