Monday, December 9, 2013


A few years ago, autocorrect introduced me to a new word - fuckweasel.  At first I really wasn't sure what it really meant but I really liked it.  I later learned that a fuckweasel is a person that skirts the truth to benefit themselves - someone who doesn't lie but also doesn't tell the whole truth (definition #4 below).  That is not the only meaning of fuckweasel though.

If you google fuckweasel you get a lot a of interesting links.  Image search and you get more interesting links.  Interesting word for sure.  I use fuckweasel definitions #2 and #4.  Number 5 is horrible and should not be tolerated by anyone.  Numbers 1, 3, 6, and 7 don't really move me so I don't consider them as definitions of the word.

What do you think?  Will fuckweasel become a part of your vocabulary?

Long-tailed Weasel
Definition of fuckweasel from Urban Dictionary (

1. Fuck Weasel
a shade of fuchsia ... usually very bright but not neon or hot pink.

2. fuck weasel
A dipshit who can't drive.

3. Fuck Weasel
A person who declines delicious home made leftovers when leaving a friend's, relative's, or stranger's home after a scrumptious meal has been provided free of charge.

4. fuckweasel
a person who behaves in a sneaky manner to try and create favorable circumstances for themselves, or to cover their tracks, quite often at the expense of others. They use weasel-words to try and make a story sound in their favor whilst never directly lying, usually by leaving out key details such as who actually did a piece of work.

5. Fuck Weasel
A horrible looking girl used primarily for one stands after a bottle of vodka, she has both fuck and weasel like qualities.

6. fuck weasel
A roommate's douchebag boyfriend

7. fuckweasel
Somebody who is such a gimp that they could only fuck weasels. And only then if the weasel agreed.

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