Saturday, December 28, 2013

Run - December 28, 2013

Today's run was supposed to be a five mile run at pace (meaning at a pace that I want to race).  Since I can't run at my race pace yet, I ran the five miles at a pace just under Tempo pace to simulate the same effort as a race pace.

Great run despite the extra 1.2 miles up the hill to get home.  I did not realize that my route was 6.2 miles long but I am not going to complain - the little oversight gave me a good mile to cool down after my race pace effort.

Prairie Dog colony at a local openspace

Neat barn with perfect lighting so I had to take a photo

Trail damage that still hasn't been repaired from the recent floods
Okay - I saw something on today's run that drives me absolutely crazy!  Dog shit on trail.  I understand forgetting a bag to pick up the dog shit with - happens all the time to most of us with dogs.  What I do NOT understand is why leave the shit on trail????  All it takes is a little toe flick and the shit is safely in the tall grass where no one can step on it.  No - the inconsiderate do not understand this simple courtesy.  I just wish I could bust them doing this - I would follow them home at throw the shit in the driver's seat of their car.

Dog shit on trail - WTF

Today's Run Statistics

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