Friday, December 6, 2013


FUN!  We all take life way to fucking serious - I know I do.  Without laughter, smiles, and a ton of fun, life is just a boring monotony that, well, speaking frankly - JUST SUCKS!

So today I looked at the thermometer and saw that the needle was right at the zero degree mark.  Hmmm - what could I do for some fun with it being this cold?  That is when I saw my GoPro video camera sitting next to me on its tripod just begging to be used.  So.......what does this mean for me?????

Obviously the answer is a quick streak in the backyard.  Since there was snow on the ground - I added a roll to enjoy every moment of the streak.  I hope the neighbors enjoyed the show!

The moral of this all is that when an opportunity for a streak in the snow "pops" up, you better not let the moment escape - I promise you that the smiles, laughs, and shrinkage you will get from 6 seconds naked in the snow are well worth it.   Please enjoy the video below of my fun this morning!  :)

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