Monday, December 2, 2013

You Know Who You Are...

You know who you are...

You made me happy.  You made me intrigued me.  You made me smile.  You made me feel alive.  You made me see things I had never seen before.  You opened my mind to new experiences and opportunities.  You made me think.  You challenged me.  You made me laugh.  

You mad me mad.  You mad me sad.  You hurt me.  You mad me cry.  You said no to an amazing opportunity.  You closed to door.  You shut me out.  You caused me pain.  You mad me fight.  You lost your chance.

The statements above are a common conversation that I have had in my head about myself, a partner, a friend, and a coworker - but it really applies to many, many things.  I started this post with "you know who you are..." to speak with myself about the opportunities I have missed in my life.  If it also speaks to you then "you know who you are...".

Read the first paragraph again.  These are the positives.  

Now read the second paragraphs.  These are the negatives.

Living with regret sucks.  Living with pain is devastating.  The difference is that you can ease and eventually eliminate pain in your life to find happiness again but regret stays forever.  

I know - I have lived with regret for many, many years about many, many things.  I have never been able to open myself up the way I can today.  Today's openness gives me the opportunity to try new things, accept new challenges, and find new loves.  It also helps me identify my regrets from my past and the considerable pain they have caused me.  This pain is even more intense and powerful as I find myself and work through each regret in my life.  I know I will move past the pain but the regret - no, the regret will always be with me.

You know who you are...

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