Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yes - I have a sock fetish but so does Queen Kate

Yes - I have a sock fetish.  What?  Really?  How does someone have a sock fetish?

Well - I love socks.  I love them a lot.  I love them as much I can possibly love them.  If I told you I loved them as much as Queen Kate does, you would probably ask who is Queen Kate?  That is a whole different blog but let's just say she has to do something with socks.

Sassy socks

So why socks?  I cannot answer that.  I really can't but I can tell you that I have a lot of socks and I want more.  Socks are item # 17 and #18 on my Christmas list.  If you ever want to get me a gift, get me a pair of high end socks.  I will love you and wear them all the time. 

Sometimes wear several pairs of socks a day.  I will wear a pair of cycling socks for my morning commute.  Then a pair of light wool socks to keep my feet warm in my always cold office.  For my lunch time run, I will slip on a pair of fitted socks (one designed for the right foot and one designed for the left foot).  After run socks are the lightweight wool socks I wore in the morning.  Back to the cycling socks for the commute home.  At home, I am likely to put on a pair of heavy wool socks to wear as slippers on out hardwood floors and tile kitchen.  Let's just say I love socks.

Here are the socks I have in my drawer right now.  I cannot wait until Christmas when I can get rid of a few of my older pairs in exchange for my new socks.


One of my staple socks are the cheap Puma socks you can buy at Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshall's.  Just run in, grab a 3-pack, and I am happy as a clam.  Every day socks that really are great.

White Pumas
Black Pumas

Gray Pumas
Orange Pumas

Gray and Orange Pumas
Light Gray Pumas

Wool Socks

Wool socks are my go to sock for work and home.  Lightweight wools for wearing with my dress shoes at work (my office is always cold) and heavyweight wools for home use on the wood floors and tile.

Heavyweight wool socks
Lightweight wool socks

Cycling Socks

Cycling socks are typically a thin sock with a high tube that covers the ankle and a little more.  They make GREAT tan lines in the summer.

My Rasta Socks
Typical cycling socks 

Running Socks

My running socks are almost all fitted for my left or right foot.  Here are a few good examples:

New Balance right foot sock
Regular running sock
Asics running sock
Double layer running sock to prevent blisters

DeFeet running sock
Keen right foot sock


I also keep a few pairs of Thorlo socks around as cold weather running socks but also every day socks for just hanging out.  We could call these my shit kicking socks.

Shortie Thorlo
Tall Tholo

Soccer socks

Of course I always have at least one pair of soccer socks around just in case I get invited to be a guest player during the season.  This spring I will be creating my own team so I will be needing a lot more of these.  They are also left and right foot fitted.

Right foot - soccer sock

There you have it - I have shown you 20 pairs of my socks.  I think I definitely qualify as having a sock fetish.  I keep at least one pair of socks around for every activity that I potentially will be involved with throughout my life.  Queen Kate should be proud.

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