Tuesday, June 24, 2014

3 Selfies

There is a stigma about taking and posting "selfies" but you know what, I really don't give a shit about that stigma.  My selfies help me document my days and life.  If people don't like them, well then, they should ignore them.  I post my selfies in my blog here and on my Instagram page.  I avoid posting selfies on Facebook (or anything else anymore really) because Facebook has turned into a negative world for me.  Sure, I would get lots and lots of positive comments but there is always at least one jackass that makes a smartass comment on everyone's posts and comments.  This just ruins it for me.  We should all be celebrating our lives - not tearing down someone else's.

I actually don't like my selfies.  I think I take horrible photos and that the camera really does add 10 lbs just to my face alone.  If someone else has a camera, I avoid being in the photos as much as possible.  Even so, I still take selfies.  My selfies are for me to capture my mood in a photo but they are also something I use to explore my creativity.

Examples:  I just took the 3 selfies below this morning.  The first one was taken at the bus stop in Denver where I catch the bus to Cherry Creek for my brain appointment.  The second selfie was taken on the bus and the third was taken at Cherry Creek when running back to the office.  

Cab Reflections

On the Bus

I run in amazing places

Now look at my face.  The first selfie shows a person that is disinterested and potentially unhappy. The second selfie (modified using an Instagram filter) shows someone with the potential to smile and engage with others in a positive way. The third selfie is of someone outside, exercising, and happy.

Selfies are fun.  Selfies are personal.  Selfies are creative.  Selfies are informative. So...


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