Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In The Shade

This photo brings a lot to my mind today.  Here is a rundown of some impressions I feel looking at this photo:
  • Fear - not fear of the snake but the snake is afraid of me.  This snake retreated underneath this rock ledge to hide from me.  I have retreated from the world in fear over the past month.  Fear of exposure as a total fraud.
  • Overexposed - The world is bombarding me with its demands - even in the shade, everything is overexposed.
  • Anxiety - I see a situation that has an unknown outcome for the snake.  I have this same anxiety every second.
  • Unattractive - the dirt from winter has made this potentially stunning and beautiful creature ugly and unattractive.  This is how I feel when I see myself from the outside.
  • Dirty - This snake has just emerged from hibernation and is covered with dirt.  My soul feels dirty when I look deep into myself.
  • Bluffer - Rattlesnakes prefer to bluff rather than bite.  I feel I am hiding behind a bluff of confidence and happiness everyday.
  • Retreat - If I stay under this rock, I will be safe.  I have retreated under a large rock in an attempt to shield myself from the outside world.
  • Harassed - I have been pulled out from under my rock and harassed against my will.
  • No Escape - I have been cornered and there is no escape from my situation.  
  • Hopelessness - All is lost and I am resigned to defeat.

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