Friday, June 6, 2014

A Week On Instagram

I love Instagram because it gives me a place to post photos and videos without the judgement of Facebook.  When you post randomly on Facebook, your "friends" like you know when they don't like something.  Instagram is different - it is a place for creativity and freedom.  I enjoy using it.  If you want to follow me for more random thoughts documented with photos from my life, look me up.  I am "cayrip".

The giraffe piñata that was destroyed at a kindergarten graduation - those 6 year old kids had no mercy with the baseball bat used to beat this poor animal.
The beautiful B.

Finally got a lunch run in instead of just walking. Boy was it a tough 7.5 miles. I wouldn't have gone this far except that I am in a Thursday 30,000 Steps for Snakes Challenge on

Soccer tennis

Looking for something.

Time to make things happen!

Birthday Lunch with Heather. Happy Birthday@heatherrea22

Bees in downtown Denver. Some had fallen to the ground overnight and were being stepped on. I hope they find a safe summer home soon.

Everyone is a pyromaniac. Charcoal getting ready during an all night pig roast.

Just gorgeous.

Upside down in Denver.

Handstand in Denver.

Enough said.

Lower leg.

The endless landscape of eastern North Dakota

Ticks! Count is at 83 now. Still more to come. [Final Tick Count Was 85 Ticks]

Snake from today's run
Snake #2 from today's run.

Dinner last night.

Bird tracks in mud. Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories.
Running in the Barren Agricultural Fields of North Dakota.
Dandelion seeds in mud.
Dandelion seed with shadow.


Walking at DIA

Playing the "where's my car" game at DIA.

The world's greatest soccer player is in Denver and I got to meet him.

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