Friday, June 6, 2014

Random Photo Post - Let's See Where this Goes

I am falling asleep at my desk today still trying to recover from my work trip in North Dakota.  In an attempt to activate my mind, I am going to randomly pick a photo from the photos I have on my computer to post.  Hopefully it will be a photo that has a story behind it.

I am closing my eyes and clicking on the add photo button.  Then I will click my way through the folders while at the same time spinning the scroll wheel on my mouse to find a photo.  Here I go!

Wow!  I couldn't have picked a better photo.

This photo is of the snake that turned me on to pythons and boas.  Before this snake, I really didn't care for pythons.  I thought they were generally ugly and really didn't play much of a role in changing human perceptions about snakes.  People know what a python is so what else could I teach them about these "boring" snakes.  Boy was I wrong.

This gentle carpet python was just over 7' long (I am 6' tall - see picture above) and was extremely gentle.  She had an amazing personality that really came out when she was in a crowd.  She quickly became one of my favorite snakes to use when giving a snake presentation because of her size and calm demeanor.  Unfortunately, this gentle giant recently passed away from an unknown cause.

Here are a few more photos of her in action:

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