Monday, June 9, 2014

New Photos Wanted

The older I get, the more visual I become.  Whether I am focused on the visions in my daydreams or the views outside my window, I need my eyes to bring the light into my world (hell - everyone does so what is really new about this?).

My left eye
My eyes have always been my prized possession.  I have had killer vision my whole life and still rely on my eyes to gather the clues to help me find the pieces of the puzzle called life (really Cameron!  WTF - don't get all touchy feely with your words here - just say it as it comes out).  Really though, my eyes have allowed me to find snakes just about anywhere and everywhere but I like to give them credit for lots of other things too.
My eyes let me spot ticks as well as snakes when in the field
I guess that is why I have used so many photos in my blog posts.  Since I am a visual person, I assume everyone else is too which leads to posting photos as major parts of my blog.  But I need more photos!  I have been strolling through my recent photos and they bore me.  They just aren't interesting.  They just don't wow or inspire me.  I need to play around with my cameras again to see what I can come up with.

Another boring beer photo
My GoPro is dead which was becoming a really fun camera to use.  I accidentally dunked it into my ice coffee (don't ask!) and it just won't work anymore.  I am getting a new battery for it just in case that is what I fried but I get the feeling I am in the market for another GoPro in the next month or so.

My imagination seems to be on overdrive these days on all fronts.  My day dreams can be especially vivid but it is what my mind's eye sees around me that shocks me a little.  Take the two photos below for examples.  I saw something and captured the situation digitally.  Unfortunately, it is not my imagination or mind's eye that I am talking about when I ask for new photos.

Buckle Up for Safety
The world's greatest futbol player honored me with this photo last week

These photos are fun but not inspiring.  They are quick and easy to take but not incredible photos.  They aren't motivating me to get crazy with my blog or my life.  I wish I could capture my day dreams on film but then I would probably not impress many people with my obscure, dirty, or completely random dreams. 

My request is for new photos.  They can come from my camera or they can come from your camera.  Send me a photo and just maybe I will write a blog about it.  Send me a photo that you think will trigger something in my brain beyond my daily Instagram posts.  Send me a photo just for the hell of it - you never know what the reaction will be.


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