Sunday, November 24, 2013

18 Wheeler

Do you ever feel that the world is against you?  I do.  I get this feeling a lot.  When this feeling gets really bad for me, I often find myself putting on my headphones and hiding behind the wave of music in my ears.  I prefer to run naked (my term for without music) as I enjoy hearing the world and soaking in my surroundings.  Running naked also lets me think.  It frees my mind to think uninhibited.

We all need to escape our minds every now and again.  A lot of you meditate.  I have never learned to meditate I think because I cannot quiet my mind.  I learned as an adult I have severe ADD which explains how I learn, how I function, and lot about why grad school was not a good fit.  My experience with ADD is that is just does not let my mind sit still - EVER regardless of how much Adderall I take.  Sometimes I just want to fucking scream at my mind to shut the hell up.  My mind is famous for negative self-talk so I need a release - music is my therapy.

For those of you that know me well, I will let you in on a little secret about my state of mind at times.  If you ever see me wearing headphones or blaring music, these are my dark times.  These are times when I do not want my mind speaking to me.  I do not want the negative self-talk I am famous for.  I do not want to hear or think about anything but the music in my ears.

Music is a powerful therapy.  Each song has its own affect on me.  One song I really enjoying running hard to as an escape is P!NK's 18 Wheeler.  Although written from a woman's perspective, it still can be powerful for a man.  However you interpret this song, I suggest you listen to it right now.  It can only help your state of mind with whatever you may be dealing with at the moment - from strong emotions about life to simple tasks that you need to get done.  Listen and let the song consume you.

Life knocks us down.  Life gets us down.  Life runs us over with an 18 wheeler.  But as P!NK says: Don't me down.  Don't get me down.

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