Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthday Run

I left work at 1:00pm so I could get a long run in on my birthday.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for a run.  Temperatures were in the 50s with lots of sun.  Heather was home so she joined me on the first part of the run.  We brought the little dog and he ran with me after Heather headed home to pick up the boys from school.

I don't have total run distance but I will try to map the run on Google Earth to get the real route.  I am beginning to HATE the Strava iPhone app for recording my runs.  They changed the auto pause feature and it does not automatically resume.  If I stop to take a photo, I have to manually hit resume. I never had to do this before.  The fallout is that Strava quits at the pause point so any running after that is not records.  Today's run was over 11 miles in about 1 hour 50 minutes.  Slow run but the little dog and I like to run slow when together.  We will work to to running this faster.

As with all runs, I am also on the lookout for snakes.  Today's snake was a DOR (Dead On Road) Bullsnake hatchlings.  While I hate seeing dead snakes, DOR juveniles tell me that successful reproduction occurred in the area this year.  I will look forward to finding mom, dad, and this one's siblings next spring.

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