Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Sunrise

There are many days where I think we all want to turn off the alarm clock, roll over, and sleep until noon.  Mondays are probably the most common day for the human mind to attempt to trick our bodies into staying in bed.  However, please remember that no matter what you have to face that morning or week, the sunrise is a daily reminder that the world is an amazing place. 

This photo, although grainy, was taken out a bus window with my phone on the way to work.  It shows Denver basking in the morning's sunrise with a RTD shuttle speeding away from the city.  To me, this represents how most of us live our lives - always in a hurry going away from what is really important.  Please slow down and see the beauty that is around you regardless of your current situation and where you live.  I promise - you will be better for it.

Monday Sunrise.

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