Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have been a fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme since I first saw Bloodsport over 20 years ago. Okay - fan is not the right word.  I will admit it here that I have a mancrush on JCVD.  Not for his looks as I don't find him very attractive.  I have a mancrush on JCVD because of his amazing physique and strength.  Ever since Bloodsport, I have envied this man who seems to defy physics and the limits of the human body with his amazing flexibility.  Please don't Google JCVD because you will just learn about his massive cocaine habit in the mid 1990s ($10,000 a week) but you could also learn about his storied martial arts and film career.  Despite all of this JCVD had and still has a killer body.

I am not sure if you remember Bloodsport but it is based on a true story about a real martial artist.  In the movie, JCVD goes to China to participate in an underground contest of the best martial art fighters in the world.  As he is resting between fights, there is a scene of JCVD meditating in his hotel.  Not only is he in a deep trance going through martial art moves, he is also doing an amazing split between two chairs.  JCVD is famous for this amazing strength and flexibility.

Well, my mancrush on JCVD just grew exponentially today.  At the age of 53, he does his signature split move between two moving Volvo trucks going in reverse.  No fucking way but Volvo claims that this stunt was not faked or reverse filmed.  Absolutely amazing.  Check it out!  This will be a well spent 77 seconds of your life and who knows - you might just develop a crush on JCVD too.  :)

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