Saturday, November 30, 2013

Awkward Beauty

There are times in your life when you just wish the photo was not taken.  Yesterday, instead of participating in any Black Friday commercial gluttony, all the boys from the Young house head to a local frisbee golf course for some friendly competition.  This includes boys of all ages.  Scores are not kept but best and worst throws are remembered forever.

Our annual tradition is quite simple but at the same time the best fun of the Thanksgiving weekend.  We head to the course around 10:00am, play a round, have a lunch full of pizza and real coke (my boys never get real coke), and then head back out to the course for another round of golf.  While everyone else is battling the crowds at the mall, we are happily playing disk golf in the solace of the outdoors.

I had been documenting our annual fun by taking photos at the tees and the baskets.  It is always fun to try and capture a photo that really shows the effort and fun we put into a friendly round of disk golf.  When it was my turn to throw, my middle son stops me by asking for the camera.  I say no, just let me throw but he insists saying that no one has taken my picture yet.  I submit, hand him the camera, and take my place to throw.  He NAILED the photo and I have titled it - Awkward Beauty.  I am clearly the awkward one with the flatirons of Boulder in the backdrop as the beauty.

Awkward Beauty
Just to prove how photography can alter the true beauty of an athletic move by stopping it at the most awkward moments, here are a whole set of photos from yesterday's Awkward Beauty.  We had serious fun and most of all avoided the stress of the Black Friday crowds.

Awkward Beauty







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