Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Today is my 39th birthday.  I have been on this planet since 1974 - broken down you can view this as 2035 weeks or 14,245 hours, or 20,512,800 minutes, or 1,230,768,000 seconds.  A lot of time.  I could spend this next year thinking about the past but this blog is about moving forward to the big 4-0.  This means I will NOT discuss the past at all.  I may drag photos from the past into this blog but they will only be to prove a point about the present day or future.  If you catch me writing about the past - please feel free to KICK my ass.

My plan is to just blog when I feel like it and how I feel like it.  I may just post a ton of photos on a day or spend time crying about how sore I am from a recent workout.  This is my blog and I am going to just ramble on with words and images.  If you know me, this blog will be a great place for you to find out what I am doing and how I am doing - I am done with Facebook.  If you don't know me, I hope I can be an interesting person for you to read about and potentially inspire you to be a better person in some way.  Regardless of who you are, I hope you will enjoy my blog for what it is or move on.

I am titling my blog "Running With Snakes" for many reasons.  The name has a deep meaning for me.  I love to run - particularily in places where other people don't go very often.  I also love snakes.  I prefer wild snakes that I can observe and photograph but I also appreciate any captive snake and its value to conservation.  Captive snakes are great ambassadors for educating humans that snakes are not bad so we can continue to find wild snakes on our runs with a new appreciation.  So I will be "Running With Snakes" for my 40th year on this planet.

Google was nice enough to wish me a happy birthday this morning so I chose Blogger - the Google blog hosting site for my blog.  Imagine that.

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