Sunday, November 17, 2013


My mind is blank - completely blank.  I was at a reptile expo educating people about the amazing and fascinating lives of snakes with 3 volunteers and their children all day yesterday.  After that I went straight into a FearFactor theme night for young teens at a lower income recreation center from 7-10pm.  To make it through the theme night, I had a cup of coffee at 6pm (MISTAKE!).  I was unable to fall asleep until well after midnight.  Of course all the above inevitably means that the dogs and boys would wake me up at 6:30am to go outside to pee and look for their handheld gaming systems (those things are supposed to allow parents the chance to sleep in - right?).  Well, now I am awake so I thought I would write a new blog. 

My mind is blank - completely blank.

Blank Mind

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