Monday, November 4, 2013

Beer Fairy

We all believe in the Tooth Fairy.  A little or big fairy (depending on who teaches you about fairies) visits you during the night and exchanges the tooth you recently lost with money, a gift, or something else.  This fairy then is the guardian of your teeth for all eternity.  My favorite tooth fairy of all time is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).  If you haven't seen the movie, "The Tooth Fairy" you are missing out on some valuable insight on who the tooth fairy just might be.

I learned that there is a new type of fairy out flying around and giving people gifts - the Beer Fairy.  Sunday morning I opened up the back of our new Honda Pilot to a wonderful sight.  Laying there very neatly and all alone was a case - a full case of beer from Ska Brewing Company (

I could not believe my eyes - right there in the back of the Pilot was 12 cans Modus Hoperandi India Pale Ale and 12 cans of Euphoria Pale Ale.  Unbelievable!  I have a guess at who the beer fairy is but I know it is not Heather.  She does have a friend who works at Ska - could it be her?  It is obvious that whoever the Beer Fairy is, she knows the direct path to my heart.  I hope she keeps visiting my house in the future.

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