Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Can't Focus

Today's is the day before Thanksgiving.  I am at work and having a terrible time focusing.  I have doubled up on my Adderall dose and it is still not working.  Focus, focus, focus I keep telling myself but my mind is elsewhere.

My mind is on snakes.  Normally I welcome this amazing distraction but today I should be tying up lose ends at work before the very long weekend.  I find myself instead of daydreaming about snakes.  My rainbow snake blog really makes me miss the swamps, streams, forests, and sandhills of the southeast.  It is this distraction that is killing me.  Colorado is sunny but cold, cold, cold and I feel it in my bones worse this year than ever. 

I can't focus!  Since my mind is off in the woods wanting desperately to embrace my passion, here are some photos of southeastern snakes.

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