Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My nephew is a senior at Central High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  He has been around snakes all his life and has a great appreciation for all animals on our planet.  Well, I got a text from my brother after posting the photo below on Facebook asking if my nephew could have his picture taken with some of my snakes.  Of course the answer was YES!

Can you imagine the response he is going to get for having 3, yes 3 of the world's largest snakes on him for his senior pictures?  My nephew is going to be a STUD!  We got out a carpet python, an anaconda, and a reticulated python for this photoshoot.  It was awesome!

Here is a video of the outing.  Remember the Anaconda is not the friendliest snake - it can be a bit defensive at times.  Watch for the little nips it gives while being held.  For photos - well you are going to have to ask my nephew for those - we don't want to spill the beans before the yearbook comes out.

Photoshoot from Snakes on Vimeo.

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